The @brodiemitchell MMPI was yesterday, @austensweetin taking first and this switch method nose grab. Head over to @twsnow for the photo recap! @highcascade #mmpi (at HCSC Mini Pipe )

Summer is over half way done here at @highcascade, @shustagram boosting in the pipe last session during a night shoot. (at High Cascade Snowboard Camp)

Night shoot last night and again tonight! The view of the sunset on Mt Hood is pretty awesome. Mt Jefferson from Mt Hood. #sunset #mthood #mtjefferson

The sky was pretty insane this morning over Mt Hood. #cloudporn #mthood @highcascade (at High Cascade Snowboard Camp)

Session 1 @highcascade is a wrap! @sethdreidelhill going up and over the whole hip. #mthood #hcsc (at High Cascade Snowboard Camp)

Frontside Invert done proper by @michaelwick at @highcascade. (at High Cascade Snowboard Camp)

First Day On Hill for @highcascade was a lot of fun!! @69max420 laying it down. #mthood #fdoh (at High Cascade Snowboard Camp)

A photo from 2 summers ago of Mt Hood as the sunsets. Feels good to be back here again for another summer at @highcascade! (at Mt. Hood, Or)

Typical Mt Hood photo from the flight into Portland.

February 2013 @bundyvision in VT filming for @think_thank. #tbt #snowboarding #braindeadheartattack

March 2013 in MN. @zscurl back tail. #snowboarding

Flashback to last winter at an OG spot in NH with @johnnyoconnor. @skylarbrent with the follow cam while filming for @keep_the_change Roll Call. #fbf #snowboarding @capitasupercorp @thirtytwo

I have been in SLC for a bit this past month off and on. It ha been fun, tomorrow it’s off to Stevens Pass. @michaelwick hitting te jump at @irideparkcity a couple weeks ago. (at Park City, Utah)

Throwback to a couple weeks ago at @Brightonresort. @blazekotsenburg method.

Nothing to do yesterday so I took the camera out & found things to shoot around the house.

Yesterday I had nothing to do and it was pretty much all day here in Seattle. I didn’t really know what to do so I just took my camera out and found a few things around Tanner’s house that would make a cool photo and messed around with a few ideas.

  1. Camera: Nikon D2x
  2. Aperture: f/4.5
  3. Exposure: 3"
  4. Focal Length: 50mm